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Our target is an international market and we propose customized sensorial and emotional experiences. At this scope, we need your kind cooperation in order to identify your dreams and wishes in order to make your Sicilian experience pleasant and memorable.
We will always support our Customers, without invading privacy, trying to suggest alternative solutions and help in case of special needs.
Iniziativa Viaggi sas is a Tour Operator with over 30 years experience in the tourism sector, operating in both out-going and incoming travels.

Elena Paimtseva
Elena Paimtseva

My Passion for Sicily started about 10 years ago, when I was here first time for a journey.
Previously, in my mind, Sicily was just oranges, mafia, godfather and Inspector Cattani in “La Piovra” movie.
Only after my social integration and knowing better Sicilian people, I really appreciated the charm and the peculiarities of Sicily.
My name is Elena, I am Belorussian, I was born and I studied in Minsk. I worked as economic science teacher, but I have always been passionate about food: I liked cooking and inviting friends, experiencing with new dishes. Recently I was more and more passionate of food and beverage, with special interest on Mediterranean cuisine, recognized by UNESCO as a national cultural heritage. Gradually, after technical specialization in healthy food, professional experiences in farms, vinery and artisan dairy farm, collaborating with professional chefs, my passion become a profession.
In ROUTE2SICILY I am food and beverage tour responsible. Our journeys over Sicilian tastes, smells and aromas are customized in order to be interesting for everyone, both experts and passionate.
Phone: +39 346 781 8645
Languages: Russian – Italian – English

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Food Made in Sicily   

Tonino Lembo
Tonino Lembo

We can have flipped through a thousand magazines, photo collections and have read tales or ancient history, but nothing can replace the emotion you feel when you are in front of absolute wonders or when you listen the slow and endless rhythm of nature sounds, when you travel and walk to discover wild places and lost realities in the heart of Mediterranean land. The rare concentration of urban scenery, rich of culture, of gastronomic heritage and scientific sharpness makes Sicily a place of widespread interest attracting an ever increasing number of visitors.
Since a long period I dedicated my work to those travelers who are interested in eco-tourism, trying to transmit to people travelling with me the same deep emotions and the cultural heritage my land can offer them.
Some words about Tonino: timeless traveler, always looking for a new land to be discovered, equipped with professional experience lasting from 20 years in sports and voyages, I am interested in Mountain in all its aspects. I became a hiking and environmental guide (AIGAE MEMBER).
After my studies to achieve a civil engineer degree I looked for a standard employment, but finally I felt better to me to work in Tourism field and I started a cooperation with a local tour Operator as tour-assistant specialized on Incoming Tourism.
Phone: +39 349 609 8547
Languages: Italian – French – English